Sisters of the Hunt

Written by outdoorswomen of the early- to mid-twentieth century, each of the books

in this series offers a fresh and surprising perspective on what was commonly considered

a male subject. Nearly a hundred years later, these women’s accounts still make

a lasting impression on contemporary readers.


Two Dianas in Alaska, Agnes Herbert and A. Shikari new forward by Mary Zeiss Stange. $16.95, PB, 400 pp. 6 x 9, 29 b/w photos, 0-8117-3131-6. Two Dianas in Alaska by Agnes Herbert and A. Shikari traces the story of Herbert and her cousin Cecily’s Alaska hunt. First published in 1909, the account of their adventures and misadventures with both humans and animals is written with energy and wit.

Four Years in Paradise, Osa Johnson new forward by Mary Zeiss Stange. $16.95, PB, 400 pp. 6 x 9, 54 b/w photos, 0-8117-3130-8. Osa Johnson’s book Four Years in Paradise was first published in 1941. It details the hardship and excitement of wildlife filmmaking at Lake Paradise in Kenya. Told from the perspective of a woman who values her dual role as a wife and huntress on safari, this work established Johnson as a pioneer in her field.

Trails of Enchantment, Paul Brandreth new forward by Robert Wegner and afterward by Mary Zeiss Stange. $16.95, PB, 400 pp. 6 x 9, 51 b/w photos, 0-8117-8117-0. In 1930 Paulina Brandreth published Trails of Enchantment under the pseudonym of Paul Brandreth. Considered among the classic deer books, it was enjoyed by both men and women hunters for its insight into the hunting experience. -- “There are many gems in this book, but the concluding piece, ‘The Spirit of the Primitive,’ is one of the finest essays...on the wilderness ethos and should appear with Aldo Leopold....” – Gray’s Sporting Journal.

Nimrod’s Wife, Grace Gallatin Seton new forward by Mary Zeiss Stange. $16.95, PB, 406 pp, 6 x 9, 0-8117-3139-1. Grace Gallatin Seton took easily to the rough life of an outdoorsman when she married the naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton. First published in 1907, Nimrod’s Wife is the second account of the couple’s hunting exploits. Seton merges her love of exploring with her knack for writing to capture a unique female perspective on the outdoors.

The Cruise of the Northern Light, Explorations and Hunting in the Alaskan and Siberian Arctic, Mrs. John Borden new forward by Mary Zeiss Stange. $16.95, PB, 336 pp, 6 x 9, 90 b/w photos, 0-8117-3140-5. Breaking the role of Chicago socialite, Mrs. John Borden accompanied her husband on a five-month hunting voyage. Several of their Alaskan brown bear, walrus, and polar bear trophies became specimens for Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. First published in 1928, The Cruise of the Northern Light is Mrs. John Borden’s own groundbreaking accouint of the Arctic adventure.

On the Gorilla Trail, Mary Huston Bradley foreword by Mary Zeiss Stange. $19.95, PB, 336 pp, 6 x 9, 89 b/w photos, 0-8117-3206-1. Mary Hastings Bradley records the events of a 1921 safari with her husband, Herbert Bradley, give-year-ild daughter, and her friend, the renowned sculptor and taxidermist, Carl Akeley, in On the Gorilla Trail. Akeley was searching for gorilla specimens for the African Hall he was in the process of redesigning for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Adventures in a Man’s World, the Initiation of a Sportsman’s Wife, Courtney Borden new foreword by Mary Zeiss Stange. $19.95, PB, 272 pp, 6 x 9, 0-8117-3205-3. How does it happen that a nice, upper-class city girl, born at the turn of the twentieth century and raised to expect a life of pampered luxury, finds herself shivering in a frigid Saskatchewan duck-blind? Courtney Borden’s husband, John Borden, was an avid sportsman, and she accepted his invitation to join in the action. So, the early-twentieth-century woman takes up upland bird shooting, waterfowling, fly fishing, and other outdoor sports and writes about them in Adventures in a Man’s World.