Praise for Books by Mary Zeiss Stange

“In America, the most eloquent spokesperson on women and hunting.”

--R. L. Wilson, Silk and Steel: Women at Arms

Woman the Hunter

Mixing autobiographical reflection and scholarly analysis, a woman hunter examines the cultural history of hunting, brilliantly challenging fundamental assumptions about femininity, masculinity, and the relation of humans to the natural world. . . .Stange grapples head-on with a central philosophical question: Why hunt? --Kirkus Reviews

Woman the Hunter is a well-crafted and brilliantly researched combination of anthropology, religion, mythology and environmental studies. . . Stange challenges the idea that humansmale or femaleare separate from nature. Hunting takes on symbolic value for us all. --American Rifleman

A provocative and wonderful book. And a direct and solid intellectual challenge to male hunter chauvinists and radical ecofeminists who have not been able to reconcile violence by females with a biophilic worldview. --Environmental History

A thought-provoking and challenging read. You may not agree, but you wont be able to dismiss it. --Ted Kerasote, Orion

Gun Women: Firearms and Feminism in Contemporary America, with Carol K. Oyster

A lively mix of memoir, cultural and historical analysis, statistics, and cross-generational profiles of women who shootblasting the notion that feminism and firearms are incompatible. --Ms. Magazine

Gun Women adds immensely to the national conversation. No one can read this book without rethinking at least one of her previously fixed beliefs. Expand your view of guns in America. Read Gun Women.

Heart Shots: Women Write about Hunting

Far from a collection of gory tales about animal killing, this elegantly edited anthology is a tribute to the women who have forayed into the male-dominated world of hunting. . . .As intriguing as this book might be for hunters, it may be even more so for women who have never experienced the sensation of traveling through the forest with a gun, since reading about hunting lions at night, for example, offers a glimpse into a state of mind thats far from ordinary. Publishers Weekly

Stange. . .offers close to 50 pieces from female hunters past and present, well known and obscure. The subject matter of the essays ranges from the ethos and spirituality of the hunt to straightforward adventure accounts. . . .This is an important book that nicely bridges the sometimes yawning chasm between solid scholarship and writing that will appeal to the general public.

-- Library Journal

“Heart Shots is a smart book by smart women about a sport too frequently seen through Disney-colored glasses.” – The Dallas Morning News

. . . one of the most significant anthologies on hunting in print, not because its stories and essays were written by women but because the experiences it offers are so well rendered. Grays Sporting Journal

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Woman The Hunter - Mary Zeiss Stange  

Gun Women - Mary Zeiss Stange with Carol K. Oyster

Heart Shots - Women Write About Hunting  - Mary Zeiss Stange

___ Woman the hunter : by Mary Zeiss Stange - ISBN 0807046388 (Beacon Press) - $25

___ Gun women : firearms and feminism in contemporary America / Mary Zeiss Stange and Carol K. Oyster - ISBN 0814797601 (New York University Press) (o.p.) - $50

___ Heart shots : women write about hunting / Mary Zeiss Stange, editor - ISBN 0811700445 (Stackpole Press) (o.p.) - $40


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